Directive Attachments

Sacramento Works Customer Flow WIOA Directive (WDD17-1) Attachments

Welcome Packet Cover Sheet
Welcome Team Guidelines of Possible Actions (tool)
Job Seeker Emotional Modes and Interventions (tool)
CalJOBS Registration Form
CalJOBS Registration Addendum Form (WIOA)
My Action Plan (MAP) (tool)
One-on-One Comprehensive Assessment (tool)
Individual Employment Plan
Critical Occupation Cluster(s)
Support Service Activities
Acceptable Right to Work Documents
WIOA Complaint- Grievance Procedure
Email to Text Directions

Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Procedures (WDD21-1)

ATTACHMENT A – Equal Opportunity is the Law
ATTACHMENT B – Authorization for Release of Confidential Information Form
ATTACHMENT C – WIOA Complaint-Grievance Procedures
ATTACHMENT D – Discrimination Complaint Form

OJT-SE Policy WIOA Directive (WDD16-5) Attachments

SETA On-the-Job Training/Subsidized Employment (OJT/SE) Contract
OJT/SE Policies and Procedures (Attachment A of the OJT/SE Contract)
OJT Description/Trainee Information Form (Attachment B of the OJT/SE Contract)
Job Description/Elements of Training/Monthly Evaluation (Attachment C of the OJTSE Contract)
OJT/SE Contract Checklist
OJT/SE Tiered Employment Reimbursement Rates
OJT/SE Timesheet
OJT/SE Contract Modification Request

Financial Assistance Award Directive (WDD17-2) Attachments

Employment Placement Form
Financial Needs Assessment (fillable)
Fiscal Transmittal-Blank Form
Financial Assistance (Training-Supportive Services) Template
Local Training Provider Referral Form
Lost-Missing Receipt Declaration
Customer Mileage Log
Rental Verification Form (fillable)
Scholarship Tuition Assistance Application Packet
SCRIP Template

GED/HiSET Voucher Request

ATTACHMENT A – GEDHiSET Voucher Request Procedure
ATTACHMENT B – GED Testing Voucher Request Form
ATTACHMENT C – HiSET Testing Referral Form

SETA CSBG JOB CENTER Directive Attachments

Attachment A – 2023 FPIG Matrix

Attachment B – SN Intake Form A and  B 2022
Attachment C – Self-Attestation Form
Attachment D – Rental Verification Form (fillable)
Attachment E – Payee Data Record
Attachment F – Financial Needs Assessment (fillable)
Attachment G – Fiscal Transmittal Form
Attachment H – Financial Obligation Request For Payment Form
Attachment I – SETA Internal Requisition Form
Attachment J – SETA Fiscal Requisition SCRIP Replenishment Form