Employee Benefits

Benefits Information

Covered California Notice
Notice of Privacy Practices
CHIP Notice
Creditable Non Creditable Coverage Notice
Delta Dental PPO – SmileWay Wellness Benefit Flyer — NEW!!
EAP Brochure
Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
Health Equity HSA Flyer
Health Equity HSA – FAQ Sheet
Optum Bank HSA Flyer
Optum Bank HSA – FAQ sheet

Modern Health — Mental Wellness

Processing Stressful World Events
Navigating Intense Emotions
Safe Place Visualization
Belly Breathing Meditation
Love and Kindness Meditation
Modern Health –NEW!!
Modern Health Demo for SETA
Safe Place Visualization
Getting Started With Modern Health Flyer
What is Modern Health? Video
Modern Health – Circles Flyer
What is Modern Health Coaching?
What is Modern Health Therapy?
Commitment to DE&I in Your Mental Health Care
Modern Health FAQs

Enrollment Forms

Special District Benefits Enrollment Form 2023
Health Equity_HSA_Employee_Contribution_Election_Form 2022
Optum HSA Enrollment Form 2022
VOYA Special District Life Insurance Form
VOYA Beneficiary Form
VOYA Evidence Of Insurability Paper form
VOYA Instructions for Evidence of Insurability
RHS enrollment Form

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

2023 Insurance Rate Sheet
2023 Benefits Summary
Delta Dental PPO Plan Booklet
Delta Dental PPO – SmileWay Wellness Benefit Flyer — NEW!!
Voya Life Insurance Summary-Extra Benefits Summary
Kaiser SBC 2022 HD HMO
Kaiser SBC 2022 HMO
Sutter SBC 2022 HD HMO
Sutter SBC 2022 HMO
WHA HDHP SBC 2022 Family
WHA Traditional HMO SBC 2022

ICMA 457 Retirement Plan

Mission Square – 457 2022 contribution
ICMA 457 Retirement Plan
ICMA (Mission Square) BeneficiaryDesignationForm
VantageCare Retirement Health Savings Plan – Participant – Brochure
ICMA-RC (Retirement Savings Plan) Website
Video:Who’s in Charge of Your Retirement? Get to Know Your 457 Plan
Video: Get Reimbursed for Health-Care Costs-Your Retirement Health Savings (RHS) Plan
Video: ICMA-RC Will Continue to Work for You
Video: Su Plan De Remuneracion Diferida 457

NEW ICMA FEATURE!!! Quick and Easy Online Mobile Enrollment
Mobile Enrollment Overview for Employees
Online Enrollment at a Glance