WIOA Eligibility Forms
(These forms are required as part of your eligibility packet)

WIOA Youth Control Log-Cover sheet
Youth Addendum
Barrier Form-Determination of Eligibility for Out-of-School Youth Services
Barrier Form-Determination of Eligibility for In-School Youth Services

Verification Source Form
Income Calculations Worksheet (if income needs to be verified)
I.S.S (Individual Service Strategy)

Job Seeker’s Code of Conduct-(Hard File)
SWJC Authorization for Release of Confidential Information-(Hard File)
WIOA Complaint-Grievance Procedures-(Hard File)

WIOA Youth Out-of-School Eligibility Training
WIOA Youth In-School Eligibility Training

Supporting Documents for Eligibility

Residence/Support Verification
Applicant Statement
70 Percent LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines for 2023
Income inclusions/exclusions for low income determination
Medical Consent and Emergency Information
Selective Service-Who Must Register
WIOA Youth CalJOBS Registration Form
I.S.S Pre Filled Example-OSY
I.S.S Template User Reference Guide-ISY
I.S.S Template User reference Guide-OSY

Program Misc. Forms

Transmittal Form-Cover Sheet
Exit Form
Follow Up Form
Youth Test Score Form

Work Experience (WEX)

Form W-4
Worksite Agreement – WIOA

Work Experience Employer Handbook 
WEX Training PowerPoint
WEX Worksite List Template

WIOA Youth Program CalJOBS Training Materials

CalJOBS Activity Code & Case Note Training
Supportive Service & Incentive Training
WIOA Youth Program Flow Chart

Case Note Flow
Activity code & Case note Descriptions
WIOA Youth Performance
CalJOBS Training- Introduction to CalJOBS
Registration-Creating an Individual
Creating a WIOA Application
Scanning Documents into CalJOBS
Setting up Alerts and Creating a Search List for Your Caseload

Supporting Documents for Case Manager

WIOA Youth Agency Codes PY 23-24
Follow-up Chart PY 21-22
CalJOBS- Activity Codes Dictionary
Case Manager File Tracking Checklist
CalJOBS Activity Codes and Performance Crosswalk
CalJOBS Activity Codes Detailed Listing – Individual
CASAS Grade Scale PY 23-24
CASAS – Test Scores Outside Accurate Range
CASAS – eTest Station Registration
CASAS – Steps to Register Students
CASAS – Test Interruptions